Responding to COVID-19 together

New Chime Features to Get Through COVID-19

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Chime's Commitment During COVID-19

Chime Resources to use During COVID-19

At Chime, nothing is more important than the health and well-being of our customers, our employees, and our worldwide community. As the situation with COVID-19 unfolds, we’re committed to giving you the support and resources to navigate this challenging time.

New Chime Features to Get Through COVID-19

Chime Virtual Tour Landing Page

Virtual Tour Landing Page

Embed your YouTube/Facebook/Zoom live streams directly into Chime landing pages to engage your audience and capture new leads.

Search for listings with Virtual Tour and 3D Tour

Easily search for listings with available Virtual Tours or 3D Tours

Allow for homebuyers to easily search for listings with Virtual/3D Tours and set up property alerts with these requirements as well.

Request Virtual Tour

Access Virtual Tours or Request Video Tours on Listing Pages

Homebuyers can view the listing via a virtual tour (if available) or request a video tour directly on your website.

Updated AI Assistant/Chatbot Scripts for COVID-19

Updated AI Assistant/Chatbot Scripts for COVID-19

All applicable AI Chatbot scripts have been adjusted to better interact with leads based on the current situation

Updated Postcard Options for COVID-19

New Postcard Options Available via Geographic Farming

Send postcards with messaging focused on virtual tours, mortgages, general messages to the community, and more.

Special Discount for Setup Fee

Want to Save on Chime?

In response to the COVID-19 situation we’re working with agents, teams, and brokerages to help them grow their business for less.

Talk to us now to learn how.

Chime's Commitment during COVID-19: A Letter From Chime Sales VP

"While health and comfort and taking care of one another rules the day, we also want you to know that your partners here at Chime are well structured to handle this stressful period while operating with complete efficiency. We are fully focused as an organization to continue to support your activities and continue to be the hub for your real estate business."

"Some of the actions we’ve taken in recent weeks foreshadowed what many communities and governments are now mandating. All of our employees are working remotely through the end of March at a minimum. All of our platforms are up and running and our AWS servers here in the states are fully backed up and there are no signs of disturbance. There will also not be a gap in service or ongoing development & innovation. As this crisis passes we will be poised to continue to grow and provide an even better product to you, our clients."

Michael McGowan
VP of Sales at Chime

Chime Resource for COVID-19

Chime COVID-19 Webinar

Chime Webinar: How to navigate the housing market post COVID-19

Given this time of uncertainty it can be confusing to know up from down, left from right. The Fed making cuts to 0, states banning open houses and countries suspending mortgage payments has people confused and concerned.

Well, at Chime, we are working on tackling some of these concerns and several others.

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Chime COVID-19 Resources

Chime Resources for Staying Productive During COVID-19

Your customers and maybe even you are doing your best to stay isolated or possibly even on self-quarantine due to the COVID-19 outbreak. However, this does not mean you cannot continue to do your best to stay connected and continue providing top-quality service to your clients. This article contains a few tips that Chime has pulled together to help you in keeping your audience engaged and in the loop as the world adjusts to this new hurdle.

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