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Property Management

Connect LoftyWorks property management system to synchronize rental properties, lead management, and marketing across platforms.

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LoftyWorks Simplifies the Business of Property Management

LoftyWorks simplifies and automates the business of property management for property managers, vendors, owners, landlords, and tenants alike.  It is both feature rich, and easy to use, including:
  • check_mark One-click property marketing
  • check_mark In-app tenant screening
  • check_mark Secure rent collection
  • check_mark Customizable workflows
  • check_mark Comprehensive financial management & reporting
  • check_mark Easy payments, transactions & vendor management
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Connect your Rental and Real Estate Businesses for Accelerated Growth

Connect to Lofty through our seamless integration for maximum visibility of the consumer real estate lifecycle, unified marketing campaigns, huge time savings and efficiency boosts.
  • check_mark Maximize workflow efficiency
  • check_mark Expand brand awareness
  • check_mark Consolidate and lower technology costs
  • check_mark Unlock new revenue opportunities
Amir Sharif, Grade A Realty
“One thing I love about LoftyWorks is that it has a very simple interface. Here's a property, here are its features, here’s where you put your pictures, and here's how you can quickly syndicate the listing to get as many prospects as possible.”
Amir Sharif, Grade A Realty
“It just made so much sense to consolidate both sides of the business and be able to work off of one platform. It removes the confusion within our team. I would say that it has helped us tremendously.”
Amir Sharif, Grade A Realty
“With the Lofty integration I anticipate a cost savings on software services, and a time savings for our team.”

Don’t Sweat the Move. You’re in Good Hands.

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LoftyWorks is here to help you minimize stress and maximize business continuity. Our experienced team will provide consultation and support during your migration, ensuring your success.
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