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Lofty Platform Plans

Best for high-performing agents and new teams


Best for established, fast-growing teams


Best for large teams and brokerages

IDX Website Fully Customizable Fully Customizable Fully Customizable
CRM w/Sales Acceleration
Mobile App
Dynamic Lead Scoring
Marketing Automation w/Smart Plans
Listing Tools
Agent Subdomains
Advanced Lead Routing
Team Management
External Listing Tool
• Al Assistant(Chatbot)
• Lead Generation
• Call Packages
• Text Packages
• Additonal MLS
• Custom Agent Websites
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Plan Comparison
Professional Accelerator Enterprise
Emails ? If you exceed your monthly outgoing email limit, you will have to pay $1 per additional 5000 emails (rounded up after each email past the limit). (Monthly Outgoing Emails Per User) 12,000 25,000 Unlimited
Contacts 5,000 25,000 50,000
Home Evaluation Page
IDX Website
Additional MLS board fee may apply
Subdomain Websites
Website Sold Listings
Basic CMS for the Website
Full CMS for the Website
Full Function Blog
Neighborhood Introduction Pages
Market Trends IDX Info
50hrs Dedicated Design & Development Time
Spousal/Joint Leads
Bulk Email Messages
Bulk Texting (w/Dialer Purchase)
Customized Sales Pipeline
Full Feature Mobile CRM
Automated Smart Actions
Market Reports
Recurring Emails/Texts
Team Chat (w/Dialer Purchase)
Team Document Storage
Lead Routing
Multi-role Assignment
Sales Tracking & Reporting
Smart Retention System
Text Code (w/Dialer Purchase)
Listing Management (w/IDX Website)
Round Robin and Blast
Action Plan Library
Smart Dynamic Lead Scoring
Full Funnel Business Forecasting
Team Performance Analytics
Transaction Management
Lead Pond
Dedicated Forecasting (Coming Soon)
Help Center
Training Webinar
24/7 Email Support
Phone Support (8hrs, M-F)
Lender Cost Sharing
24/7 Phone Support
See a Demo
See a Demo
See a Demo
Digital Advertising

Take the headache and expense out of marketing

Lead Generation Get a steady flow of new high-quality leads with Lofty's target-oriented ad campaigns.

Accelerator and Enterprise Plans allow you to split up to 50% of your marketing cost by inviting a lender.

  • Buyer
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    20-30 buyer leads
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    50-70 buyer leads
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    More Leads
  • Seller
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    10-20 seller leads
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    20-40 seller leads
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    More Leads
Branding Ads Get steady impressions in your service zone and for your sphere.
Ads by Zip Code

Make a name for yourself in your target zip codes

10,000 imps in zip code area

  • Stay focused on your target areas for local impact
  • Simple and affordable
  • Each zip code allows for up to 5 slots
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Ads for Your Sphere

Go for referral business. Are you making the most of your network?

3,000 imps for 1,000 contacts

  • Stay fresh in contacts' minds
  • Show your sphere that you're active
  • Boost referral business
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Why choose Lofty?

Lofty is the smart solution to every realtor's problems. Our suite of intelligent engagement tools goes beyond drip campaigns and followup emails to automatically help you nurture leads from first contact to close. We believe in constant improvement and optimization, so every step from lead generation to listing alerts is optimized for your success. Managing a team or a brokerage? No problem, we offer lead routing and team management solutions. It's hard to do well in real estate, and that's why Lofty is here to help.

Can I link the Lofty CRM to other platforms?

Absolutely! Integration is the name of the game at Lofty. We're all about making your life easier. Lofty works with Gmail, Google Calendar, Zillow, Zapier, MailChimp and many other tools that you're already using. We're constantly evolving to include more and more systems, just ask and we'll do our best to integrate your favorite tools!

How can Lofty help me get leads?

Lofty runs a sophisticated ad management system designed to bring you leads. We begin with using macro insights distilled from successful campaigns we've run all across the country, then optimizing the budget allocation, keyword selection, and targeting based on optimization done by our AI Advertising algorithm. Our campaigns are tailor fit for your success, contact us to get started!

What are the differences between Lofty's monthly and annual plans?

If you choose the monthly plan, you'll be charged (you guessed it) monthly. If you choose the annual plan, you'll be charged one time for the whole year's service, but we'll waive the setup fee and contract deposit. Plan ahead and save!

What are "Smart Plans" for?

Every agent at some point wonders if they're doing things right. Am I messaging too much? Not enough? Should I call? Or are texts better these days? Finding the best approach is hard, and following it can be harder, which is why we have Smart Plans. Smart Plans combine and improve drip campaigns and action plans, and can automatically recommend a best practice approach based on a lead's behavior and profile. Contact confidently with Lofty CRM.

Where will my branding ads be shown?

Smart retargeting means that wherever your prospect goes on the web, there's a chance your ad will appear, whether it's The New York Times or Facebook.

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