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Chime is now Lofty! Click here to Learn More

Close More Deals Faster With Mobile

With Lofty, the award-winning, AI-powered platform for real estate professionals.

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Chime is now Lofty

We're thrilled to announce the next evolution of our brand, award-winning platform, vision, and goals! We hope that our new brand will further inspire customers to believe in their future success and set NEW Lofty goals for their business! 🎉

What’s new?  What’s different?  What’s next?

Hear directly from the Lofty leadership team as they discuss everything from brand strategy and product updates to the future of AI and technology in real estate.

Joe Chen
Henry Li
Brian Hoialmen
Nick Fiedler
VP of Customer Success

New to Lofty?

Here's what you need to know...

Lofty’s AI-powered platform is custom built to help real estate agents, teams, and brokerages close more deals faster. Think of it as a single, flexible hub for your business that automates marketing programs, streamlines your sales process, captures and converts more leads into transactions.
Lofty is IDX-CRM-Lead Generation-Marketing Automation-AI-Social Media-Transaction Management-and more… all in one cohesive platform.
With Lofty on your team, you'll -
Boost productivity
Increase lead generation
Save time on marketing
Streamline sales process
Maximize team collaboration
Spend less on tech tools

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For Customers -

What you need to know

  • Why are we changing from Chime to Lofty?
    + -

    As the real estate industry continues to change rapidly, we have expanded our vision and goals to best meet the evolving needs of our customers, helping them navigate and prosper in a world that will be driven by AI. We want our brand to inspire customers to believe in their future success and set Lofty goals for their business! Lofty represents the evolution of our brand, award-winning platform, vision, and goals.

  • Will there be any changes to the platform?
    + -

    No, all the features you love and the locations of those features will remain the same, you will just see a new logo and some minor color changes.

  • Is there anything I need to do because of this change? Will this change my day-to-day operations?
    + -

    No, your account will be exactly the way you left it!

  • Will the way I log into my account change? What about my username and password?
    + -

    Your username and password will not change but we suggest you bookmark www.lofty.com to sign in on November 7th. If you try to access www.chime.me it will redirect to www.lofty.com automatically. Chime.me will continue to redirect for the next few months, but you will want to make sure that your team starts using the new site.

  • Will this affect my API key or any integrations?
    + -

    Everything in your account will remain the same including your API key and any integrations currently connected.

  • Will my pricing change?
    + -
    No, your pricing will stay the same.
  • Will billing information change for me?
    + -
    Billing will be adjusted to be from Lofty instead of Chime. Statements will be adjusted to reflect this as well. There may be some overlap with some statements still showing Chime temporarily.
  • Is the Support Team changing their email or phone number?
    + -
    Our support number (1 (855) 981-7557) and access to the chat option within your CRM will remain the same. Our new support email will be support@lofty.com. Any emails sent to support@chimeinc.com will still be accepted, but replies will be sent to you from our Lofty email address.
  • How will the mobile app be affected?
    + -
    The mobile app will be rebranded from “Chime” to “Lofty” automatically as a gradual rollout from the corresponding app stores. Your existing Chime app will change to Lofty automatically just like standard updates. The Lofty mobile app UI has been optimized and will be a bit different from the Chime mobile app. As for the timing, the mobile app may not change for all users immediately. This may mean that while using Lofty on the web, you may continue to use the Chime mobile app temporarily until the change is published.
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