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Deliver an Elevated, Mobile-Optimized Customer Experience with Closely

Closely empowers clients to browse and interact with listings, compare properties, receive notifications, and connect with you in real-time, all with the convenience of their own mobile phone.

Closely is included in all Lofty subscription packages at no additional cost.

Key Benefits of Closely

Elevated Customer Experience

Provide a seamless and easy-to-use interface for customers to browse listings, book appointments, and communicate with agents.

Proactive Engagement

Send push notifications to keep customers informed about new listings, open houses, and important updates, increasing engagement and potential leads.

Convenience and connectivity

Device features like GPS and social media integration empower customers to access location-based listings and easily share them to their networks.

Branding and visibility

Having an app can increase your visibility, establishing a stronger presence in the market and potentially attracting more customers.

Seamless communication

Easily communicate with customers through in-app chat, messaging, and call options, building trust and fostering strong relationships.

Analytics and insights

Analyze app usage data to gain insights into user behavior and preferences, refine your marketing strategies, and close more deals faster.

Key features of Closely


Discover the ideal home with precision using Closely's location-based search and advanced map search function. Immerse customers in a seamless 3D home viewing experience that brings properties to life.

Key features of Closely


Revolutionize the home buying/selling journey with HomeGPT. Utilizing GPT innovation for tailored property options, market intelligence, and real-time guidance on all property matters.

Key features of Closely


Connect closely with your customers and communicate anytime, anywhere.

Key features of Closely

My Listing

Keep customers informed of their home's value and sales potential with Closely's Home and Seller Reports, providing up-to-date trends in home valuations, loan recommendations, and detailed promotion activity insights.

Cultivating Lifelong Customer Relationships

Experience the transformative power of a dedicated app, designed to forge life-long customer relationships by delivering personalized property searches, effortless communication, and priceless market insights that will elevate and enrich your real estate journey together.


Upgrade to Custom Theme for a Fully Immersive Brand Experience

For the brand savvy real estate professional, Lofty offers a product development package that enables white-label branding and customization of the Closely mobile app. Easily change your app icon, name, theme colors, and other elements to maximize brand exposure and loyalty.

Your logo, your colors, your mobile app
Maximized brand visibility
No code required


What is Closely?

Closely is a smart and seamless tool that connects you and your consumers during the home buying or selling process. With features like property search, price tracking, and alerts, Closely makes it easy to stay connected with your clients and provide personalized guidance every step of the way.

How can Closely be integrated with an agent website?

Closely automatically integrates with your MLS data to provide up-to-date property information. With Closely, you have access to the same property data as your website, making it easy to stay on top of the latest listings and updates.

Is there a cost associated with using Closely?

Closely is offered to Lofty clients with a website at no additional cost. If you're interested in white labeling, you can consult with us and we will provide pricing based on your specific needs.

How can your consumers learn about and download Closely?

Your customers can download Closely through a QR code on your website, and you can also send them the Closely promotion page and download link through CRM.

How can I experience Closely as an agent?

You can experience Closely by registering a lead account on your website and logging in as a test lead to use the application. This will give you a firsthand look at the features and functionality of Closely, and allow you to explore how it can help you better serve your consumers during the home buying or selling process.

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