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With Lofty, the award-winning, AI-powered platform for real estate professionals.

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Google PPC

In the world of real estate it's smart to learn advertising, but it's smarter to let Lofty do it for you.


Multi-Channel Paid Advertising

Maximize your advertising effectiveness through a diverse mix of advertising channels and types
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Google PPC
Target a high-volume, high-intent audience with Google Search PPC.
Google LSA
Capture leads on a pay-per-lead (PPL) basis with Google’s local search ads.
Facebook Dynamic Catalog
Use a dynamic carousel of listings to engage buyers based on their preferences.
Facebook Listing Promotions
Highlight your best listings! Can be created and deployed through the CRM.
Facebook & Instagram Remarking
Re-engage your existing lead database, and encourage them to take action.
Bing PPC
Search marketing campaigns target an older and more educated audience.
Geofarm Print Marketing Services
Just Sold? Just Listed? Send postcards and newsletters to geo-farmed prospect lists.

What is Lofty's Lead Generation?

A multi-channel online advertising service that identifies and attracts potential leads with proven success.

Harness the power of intent targeting and social info to identify and attract buyers and sellers.

Rely on cutting-edge AI to automatically optimize your advertising strategy.

Take the guess work out of high frequency bidding, keyword selection, and creative planning.

How it works?

Potential Leads View Our Ads
Potential Leads Visit IDX Website
Leads Register on the IDX Website
Registration via Facebook Lead Form
Lead Info and Activities Are Imported into Your CRM
Welcome Email Sent to Leads and Lead Alerts Sent to Agents

Why Choose Lofty?

Optimized Lead Capture

With rigorous testing and optimization, our lead capture engine is built to make sure we effectively capture lead information.

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Retargeting strategy helps you invest your marketing budget to reach potential leads already familiar with your brand that have recently demonstrated interest.

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AI Powered Advertising

Our advertising AI actively collects data and insights on your campaign to calculate the best possible advertising strategy. Our AI calculates high frequency bidding, keywords, targeting, creative variations, and more — so you don't have to.

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