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360° Marketing

Boost advertising performance with cross-platform marketing that engages multiple different audiences.


360° Marketing Programs

Google PPC
Buyer & Seller Leads

Target a high-volume, high-intent audience with Google Search PPC.

Microsoft / Bing PPC
Buyer & Seller Leads

Search marketing campaigns that target an older and more educated audience.

Google LSA
Buyer & Seller Leads

Capture leads on a pay-per-lead (PPL) basis with Google’s local search ads.

Facebook Video Branding
Buyer & Seller Leads

Build brand awareness with buyers & sellers on the world’s largest social media site.

Facebook Dynamic Catalog
Buyer Leads

Use a dynamic carousel of listings to engage buyers based on their preferences.

Facebook Listing Promotions
Buyer Leads

Highlight your best listings! Can be created and deployed through the CRM.

Facebook & Instagram Remarketing
Buyer & Seller Leads

Re-engage your existing lead date base, and encourage them to take action.

Facebook & Instagram Retargeting
Buyer & Seller Leads

Retarget website and social traffic, and drive them towards lead registration.

Youtube Branding
Buyer & Seller Leads

Build brand awareness and drive website traffic with engaging video content.

Geofarm Print Marketing
Buyer & Seller Leads

Just Sold? Just Listed? Send postcards and newsletters to geo-farmed prospect lists.

What is Lofty's Marketing 360°?
At Lofty we take a unique 360° approach to lead generation. Rather than simply running 1:1 ad campaigns on your behalf, our marketing team works closely with customers to understand their goals and budget. We then craft a custom marketing strategy that employs multiple campaigns and advertising programs, all working together to engage prospects at different points throughout their journey. 
The results?...
MORE leads, HIGHER quality, LOWER cost, and BETTER return on investment!

Why Choose Lofty's Marketing 360°?

  • Work directly with experienced digital marketing experts
  • 360° marketing strategy maximizes return on investment
  • Seamless integration with Lofty CRM & Website
  • CAPI Tracking - Protects your prospect audiences from policy changes
  • Google Certified Partner
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