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Real Estate CRM

Don't just Manage Your Customers — Engage and Amaze.


Lead Insights

From first touch to close, we make relationship building easy.
Lead Score

Shape your priorities with our dynamically adjusting lead scores. We factor contact validity, online behavior, property info, and more to give actionable insights.

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Lead Analysis

Focus your efforts the smart way. Lofty's behavioral lead analysis studies site activity and engagement indicators to provide insights as to lead's likelihood to close.

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Smart Suggestions

Take the guesswork out of giving leads what they want. Lofty dynamically provides insights on lead activity and intelligently suggests the best next step.

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Business Opportunities
Our system actively works to identify the indicators for transaction intention so Lofty CRM's intelligence can help contribute towards closing.
  • Site Activities Tracking

    Give clarity to your decision making and business building - our IDX sites track website traffic in a live updating activity timeline.

  • Featured Listing Management

    Listing Management helps match listings to which buyers fit best. Easily view new, reduced price, and back on market listings for even more choices.

  • Communications Analysis

    Enjoy streamlined dialogue through Lofty's communication analysis and third-party integrations. We support Gmail, MailChimp, Bombomb, and more!

Reporting & Forecasting
Our forecasting algorithm factors agent performance and historical trends to track and predict your progress.
  • Business Goals

    The first step to reaching your goals is defining them, the second is tracking your progress. Do both in Lofty where you can set and track agent and team goals by volume, closings, GCI, or revenue.

  • Performance Report

    Keep your eyes on the prize and easily monitor team productivity and progress with our performance reports. Use these insights to provide informed feedback with coachable intel.

  • Business Report

    View up to date reports on the status of your business goals at any time right from your CRM for real time analytics.

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