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Close More Deals Faster With Mobile

With Lofty, the award-winning, AI-powered platform for real estate professionals.

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AI Assistant

An advanced and pre-trained virtual assistant to help boost your productivity and lead conversion rates.


Turn Your Leads into Opportunities

  • AI Assistant’s conversations covers the whole buying and selling process.
  • AI Assistant helps clients make appointments and showings with leads.
  • Convert cold leads into hot leads with long-term campaigns.

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Customize Workflows to Engage, Qualify and Nurture

  • AI Assistant sends you notifications when leads display hot behaviors like request a showing or visit your website. 
  • Manage leads more flexibly with AI groups and tags

  • You can review AI assistant behavior via data report.
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Multi-Channel Engagement

Means No Leads Left Behind!

  • AI Assistant works 7/24, 365 via clients’ website sending a welcome chat message to every visitor, helping you convert more leads.
  • Text is the best way to get a response! Lofty AI Assistant will help you monitor leads’ behaviors and text them when the time is right.
  • Seamlessly integrated with Facebook Messenger.
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  • " The Lofty BOT has been a game-changer for my business and lead conversion. Having an automated text BOT convert leads while I'm meeting with clients or out on appointments has resulted in more leads being converted and less stress on trying to engage with new leads when I'm just not available. It's a must-have for any Lofty user."

    Ellipse 21 Hilary Joyner, RE/MAX
  • "I love that I can also take over the conversation and easily transition to getting the information. The experience has been wonderful working with my Customer Success Manager as well as the Product Team. They were very open to feedback and continue to make adjustments in order to help the AI Chatbot to improve its responsiveness."

    original_17a00bff-2d61-4499-ac42-0307f5c7846a Dennis Lue Yat
Lofty AI Assistant
Outsourced ISA Service Other ISA Chatbots
Total Monthly Cost Starting at $39/mo Starting at $625/mo Starting at $179/mo
Average Cost Per Lead $0.25 - $0.49 $5 - $10 $2 - $3
Other Required Setup None CRM Integrations, Lead Source Integration, ISA performance monitoring CRM Integrations, Lead Source Integration
Qualify New Leads
Set Appointments with Leads
Listing Recommendations for Leads
Schedule Showings with Leads
Monitor Lead Behavior
Long-term Campaign
Mute/Unmute, Take Over at Anytime
Lead Organization and Notifications
AI Data Report
Flexible Settings
Integrate with Smart Plan
Chat via Website
Text Message Leads
Facebook Messenger
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