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Auto-Import Leads
Streamline Transactions

Tap into Lofty's powerful integrations with Dotloop and Brokermint to smoothly complete your real estate closings with seamless, paperless document signing services. Easily track all your transaction data directly in Lofty (Reporting tab -> Business Summary). Stay tuned! SkySlope and zipLogix coming soon!

Email and More

Do you love the email platform you've been using for years? No problem! Lofty supports Gmail, BombBomb, MailChimp, Microsoft Exchange, Google Calendar, Zapier, Microsoft Teams, Piesync and many other tools you're already familiar with.

Check out all integration products here.

Workflow Automation

Don’t let routine tasks get in the way of your productivity. Set up workflows in just a few clicks with Zapier. Connect to hundreds of web services and automate your everyday work. With Lofty integration, you can easily share data between services so you can stay on top of things wherever you are!

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