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The MORE Realty Story

Director of Operations John Madding knew that to effectively scale the business, he needed an innovative, easy to use technology platform that automated time-consuming processes and empowered agents to better serve clients. With a legacy CRM in place with limited capabilities, John set out to find a more modern and intuitive platform purpose built to address his needs.

LOFTY is The Driving Force in MORE Realty's Marketing Strategy

John and his team have always been committed to providing innovative technology tools designed to help agents work smarter and not harder. Lofty was no exception - cited among new agents as an incentive to join the MORE Realty team and a proven resource in saving valuable time, boosting productivity, and helping to increase conversion rates. But to successfully onboard agents to the new platform, John knew he needed to provide comprehensive training resources and tools. Lauded for its commitment to customer service, Lofty worked with John and his team to support the company's unique needs, expedite the onboarding process, and deliver a robust library of resources to address common questions and concerns.  With a dedicated customer service representative available to support the team, MORE Realty saw a 45% agent adoption rate, up from 20% with the previous CRM.

“I’m amazed by the forward-thinking product development team at Lofty. They consistently analyze the market and anticipate our agents' needs so we don’t have to, regularly enhancing the platform with features purpose-built to serve our industry. Lofty is far and away the most valuable tool we offer our agents and is a clear differentiator for us in the marketplace.” - John Madding

Recognized as a real estate tech innovator, John continues to be impressed with Lofty’s rapid product development team, consistently enhancing the platform to better serve agents in an increasingly competitive market.  MORE Realty relies on the Lofty Enterprise Platform, expressly developed to support the complex organizational structure of most brokerages.

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