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4 Tips to Make Switching to Chime Easy

Did you know that agents and brokers legally own all of their data within any given CRM system? Sometimes it feels like a best kept secret, but it is true. Vendors rarely pass on this insight making it confusing and daunting for agents and brokers to leave one provider for another.

In our latest LCA webinar, Tristian and Randy were joined by Adam Frank, an eXp realtor, who made the switch from CINC to Chime two years ago and now helps others do the same. They discussed why switching to Chime doesn’t have to be scary and can actually serve as a lever to boost your business.

One such example Adam shared included an eXP agent who made the switch to Chime recently. With the first email to his database from the Chime system, this agent experienced a  300% increase in response rate and scored seven listings — in just the first month alone! For more details, watch the full webinar recording or check out Adam’s top tips below.

Four tips to make the switch:

1. Start with a strategy — Data without direction is useless. Migrating your CRM        data without a strategy is the same.  No matter if you are switching from brokerage to brokerage or CRM to CRM, any transition needs a plan.

2. Get organized and then import – Adam suggests exporting your data and then working on organizing your data outside of any database. Once it is cleaned up and ready to go in a CSV file, then upload to Chime. You’ll be ready to start using immediately.

3. Less is more – Too many people get granular with lead descriptions and categories in their database. Adam suggests that instead of using micro categories, start more broadly. The goal is to make sure the data you import into the Chime CRM system is simple, searchable, and effective.

4. Use the new CRM system as an opportunity – Presumably, you made the switch to Chime because you want to improve the quality of your business – the efficiency, effectiveness, and yes, profitability. Test out the system immediately with a welcome letter to both buyer and seller leads; watch the response and your business opportunities grow! Not every drip campaign or web site is created equal; Chime’s award-winning capabilities will help you stand out from the crowd.

For more about why Tristian’s team made the switch to Chime, check out the video replay.