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5 Star Customer Review: Austin Hellickson, Club Wealth 

The latest installment of our Five Star Customer series features Austin Hellickson of Club Wealth and the Hellickson Team at Skyline Properties.

You already know our platform is incredibly user friendly but in today’s marketplace that matters more than ever. Studies show that a CRM can increase sales by 29%. One estimate suggests a CRM can pay back $30.48 for every dollar spent. At that rate, agents who spend $500 or more on technology will enjoy a $15,240 return — or more.

But you have to use the technology to reap the benefits. The reality is that agents are short on time as it is; spending valuable time learning how to use a CRM system is not a luxury that most can afford. That’s why folks like Austin love Chime. Our intuitive, easy-to-use platform flattens the learning curve and drives greater adoption.

For more on why agent adoption of technology matters,  check out our ebook.

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