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AI and How to Use it for Lead Conversion

You already know AI can help increase your “speed to lead” and amp up conversions, but do you know when and how to use it for the best result?

During our latest webinar with the LCA team, Janki Patel joined Tristian and Randy Carroll to share her tips on making the most out of Chime’s AI Assistant – including the system she uses for when and how her team engages with a lead. She even revealed Chime’s AI Assistant helped her turn a six-month-old cold lead into a $1.6 Million dollar property under agreement!

If you are looking for similar results, check out the full conversation and read on for the highlights!

Janki Patel is a realtor and CEO of The Janki Patel Team. As her organization’s database grew and the business acquired more leads, Janki recognized she didn’t have the manpower in place to quickly capitalize on those leads consistently. Chime’s AI assistant helped solve that problem by serving as the resource she needed to engage with a new lead right away.

How? Here are Janki’s two best practices:
1. Create a system to support the AI Assistant. Know what the triggers are for when you will engage with the lead. For Janki and her team, if the prospect asks for a list of homes or is not yet preapproved someone from her team, such as the ISA, stops the AI Assistant and steps in to further the conversation.

  1. Dedicate a resource to manage Chime’s smart plans and spend time together on setting the right filters. Chime’s platform allows for incredible flexibility so the more you refine the details the better your results (AKA conversions!).

    Check out thefull recordingfor other insights from Janki on turning Chime’s AI assistant into a conversion hub or book a demo today and see for yourself how AI can drive conversions.