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How to build a better relationship with your SOI

When agents are asked about their goals the answer is often centered on growing their business, but the challenge for many is identifying the source of this growth. The good news is opportunity lies right in their hands – within the sphere of influence (SOI). Our Vice President of Industry Development, Stuart Sim joined Tristan Ahumada from LabCoat Agents to talk about how agents can make the most out of their SOI.  You can watch a replay of the conversation HERE.

Stuart’s top tips included:

1. Bolster your online presence
Having a strong online presence is essential to capture net new leads and engage with those sitting patiently in your database. Invest in an IDX website, find ways to make social media content relevant, and amplify SEO to engage the right leads and expand your network.

2. Mine for opportunity
Over the past couple of years, housing prices have gone through the roof, likely putting past clients in a position to make new real estate investments.  Without the resources to mine the sphere and uncover this insight, you’ll miss out on the chance to discuss new real estate opportunities such as vacation or rental properties with past clients. With a comprehensive CRM like Chime in place, agents can easily access this information to drive future transactions right from their existing database.

3. Focus on building relationships – underpinned by technology
Strengthening your SOI is a cornerstone to drive growth and Chime was purpose built to seamlessly enable ongoing connections with those that matter most. With automations built into the lead nurture process, Chime proactively delivers the resources needed like Smart Plans and retargeting programs to prompt agents’ activity and drive meaningful engagement.

The bottom line is that technology can help agents strengthen and expand their SOI if they are willing to use the tools at hand – most are only using about 20% of the capabilities available.  The most effective way to maximize an investment in any CRM is to spend the time to get educated on all the available features and functionalities designed to help regularly engage your database and empower more strategic agents. Working hand in hand with technology, agents can leverage their invaluable SOI to achieve those growth goals!

For more information on how Chime can help drive your growth goals, get in touch! Email us today at sales@chime.me.