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Building Blocks Series Part Three: Building a Brokerage

In our third and final installment of the “Back to Basics” blog series, we wanted to offer some content specifically for those looking to build a brokerage.

During a previous webinar with our friends at LabCoat Agents, Jay Steinback and Amanda Alejandro of Realty Shop joined us to offer their thoughts and strategies on building and running a successful brokerage. And these two should know! After starting Realty Shop in 2018 they have achieved a lot of success selling four times the industry standard. Read on to learn about their top two tips and for more details, check out the video for the full conversation.

Two major tips from Jay and Amanda to build a better brokerage:

1. Set your foundation. This includes investing in the tools and infrastructure needed to run the business. Realty Shop and their team of agents use Chime as their IDX and CRM foundation. Chime records all their calls, texts and correspondence so anyone on the team can help move the lead forward. If the initial agent isn’t available, someone else can review the notes and pick up right where it was left off. This process makes it seamless for the client and accelerates the closing process.

2. Treat your team like your clients. Team culture is the cornerstone of a successful brokerage. Jay and Amanda have worked hard to create a culture that values the efforts of employees and agents alike. They strive to be the type of company where everyone knows they are on your side and have your back! To be of value to their agents, Jay and Amanda run their company with the mindset of catering two different sets of clients – those buying the houses and the agents selling the properties.

For more tips, check out the webinar.