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Building a Real Estate Empire: Vendor v. Partner

By Randy Carroll

In a recent webinar with our friends at Lab Coat Agents, I had a chance to connect with Steven Werner, Real Estate Broker Associate at Whissel Realty, long time Chime customer and friend.  The premise of our conversation centered around identifying the elements of building and sustaining mutually beneficial partnerships in technology and beyond.  With nearly three decades of experience in the real estate industry across North America, Steven says it really comes down to one thing – relationships.  A recap of Steven’s thoughts below but click HERE to listen to the entire webinar, “Building A Real Estate Empire • Vendor Vs Partner.”

Any successful agent understands the importance of building a partner network – from mortgages to home services to technology – but how do you identify long-term, strategic partners to sustain your business long term?  When seeking out valued partners, its critical to first understand the company’s culture and how they operate to determine if the company’s philosophy aligns with your own.  The more closely you identify with your partners, the more likely it is you will be inclined to collaborate, rely on and refer them to others within your network and beyond.  Moreover, getting to know (and like!) the people you will work with is paramount to ensuring a long-term, successful relationship.

I have been working with Chime for nearly three years now and I knew immediately it would be a collaborative partnership, supported by a proactive and innovative team.  The platform is purpose built for the real estate industry, thoughtfully designed with an agent’s needs in mind and enhances my experience day in and day out.  With a designated customer support contact, I am confident any issue will be resolved immediately, and when the global pandemic turned our industry on its head, it was Chime that quickly adapted to offer live streaming and enhanced AI capabilities to ensure our agents could safely continue to work from home.

Despite the free CRM my agency offers, I choose Chime instead – for the people, the company and the technology.  I’ve built a sustainable routine around the platform and know I can count on Chime to deliver continued value-added features/functionality.  The easy to use interface, unwavering commitment to customer service and continued proactive approach to introducing innovative features, make Chime indispensable to my business.  Not to mention, I really like the team and as I always say, never invest time (or money!) in people you don’t want to be around.

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Randy Carroll is the Strategic Partner and Channel Manager for Chime.