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How using CRM Software Can Change Your Real Estate Business

Learn More About Your Customers

Your CRM holds all kinds of customer data you can use to learn more about your customer base, discover new trends, and adjust your marketing strategies. The more data you have, the better you can serve your customers. With analytics and reporting features, you can get a glance at how well your business is doing and forecast what you may be able to expect in the future. This way, you know when to increase your marketing efforts and when it’s time to bring additional agents on staff to support your workload.

Fast, Personalized Service

When you use your CRM effectively, you create detailed records of every interaction with a customer, from notes about in-person meetings and phone calls, to copies of emails. This makes following-up with leads and clients more efficient, while enhancing the quality of customer service with improved attention to detail. Using notes about a client’s budget, timeline, and the type of home they’re looking for, you can quickly and easily setup your email marketing campaigns to regularly send listings that fit their needs. This way, you continue to provide excellent service while still being able to work with a diversity of other clients.

Create and Manage a Clear Email Marketing Strategy

Email is a critical part of online marketing – with 63% of real estate businesses saying they use it, and 22% planning to use it in the future. Your CRM can integrate with your email platform to help you create segmented lists and targeted email campaigns for all your contacts – prospects, buyers, sellers, mortgage officers, legal professionals, and more. Integration can help you setup a system to drip content to each segment and track the effectiveness of your campaigns. Plus, you can automate an email to introduce yourself to prospects who fill out the lead capture form and begin the follow-up.

After you’ve helped your clients close on their dream home, you still have work to do. The lifeblood of your agency is referrals and repeat clients. Your real estate CRM makes it easy for you to stay in touch after the fact, so your customers think of you when someone they know is in the market to buy or sell their home, or when they’re ready to buy a second home. Simply create an email marketing campaign targeted at your past clients to stay in touch and continue building those relationships.

Organize Your Business

Since agents often receive leads from a number of places – online, past customer referrals, face-to-face meetings – it can be hard to keep track of sales opportunities. While it’s true contacts matter in every business, this is especially the case for real estate professionals. Real estate CRM software allows you to enter and track leads no matter where they come from, and centralizes all your information accessible by you, and anyone else you add to your team.

Take Advantage of Mobile Features

Real estate agents are often on-the-go, showing homes to clients, hosting open house events with larger groups of potential buyers, and meeting with clients. Meeting with a client for coffee to go over some listings? Make notes after the client leaves, before you head back to the office so everything is fresh in your memory.

Out grabbing lunch with coworkers and see a new lead come into the system? Respond to them quickly, while the lead is still hot. Research shows 50% of buyers choose the first vendor to respond, and you never know how many other agents the customer may have contacted. With mobile CRM, agents can enter the lead information right then and there, and it will sync with the system that’s accessible from the web at home, or in the office.

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