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Chime at NAR

Every year, realtors and agents look forward to one of the biggest shows in the real estate industry, the National Association of Realtors show, held this year in Orlando, FL. Although the show has come and gone, there are a few big takeaways we saw at the conference.

Many realtors are still looking for a secret sauce to engage their users, especially millennials. From video emails to utilizing Facebook Live, realtors are seeking the latest tips on how they can leverage these emerging tools to give them the edge they need to stand out to their clients..

Realtors are finding multimedia and interactive ways to elevate their brands, while identifying solutions that can save their time. For example, they are using IDX websites that reflect similar stock images of a certain area by geolocation/zipcode input, video cameras, and drones that create the best shots for video and photographic productions.

Conference attendees shared an overwhelming sentiment to find a solution in lead generation that isn’t by impressions, and a way to differentiate cold to warmer leads when buying leadgen packages. While finding a solution that isn’t by impressions is something they’re looking for, it was echoed throughout the marketplace that finding a good CRM to manage those leads were also of high interest.

The days of embracing excel spreadsheets as a way to manage their leads are gone: Realtors realize it is a must to have a good backend infrastructure for the viability of their performance. Many realtors, if not already, are exploring for solutions that is easy to use, that provides a virtual assistant, and a program that doesn’t tether them to a computer all the time- Realtors want all their solutions on mobile.

John Wong of AREAA stopped by the Chime booth on Saturday to share his findings about chinese investors in the US market and a futuristic look of how predictive analytics will impact the transaction generation. Ty Burrell, from the popular show Modern Family, stopped by to share his “Phil’s-osophies” at the NAR booth. For NAR, the integration of his Modern Family character is a way to build and solidify the Realtor brand and help audiences, especially millennials and first-time home buyers, see the value in working with a Realtor.

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One guest speaker was the talk of the whole show, Boston Marathon bombing survivor Heather Abbott, spoke at the Sunday morning inspirational session at #NARannual. A collage of images is visible in the background, showing the carnage of the bombing in Boston. Her inspirational speech about optimism and resilience resonated with Realtors all across the nation.

Chime had a blast meeting everyone at NAR, and we can’t wait to see you again next year at the Green Pavilion inside the Marketplace in Chicago for NAR2017!

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