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Chime and Brokermint Partner to Deliver Integrated End-to-End Operating System for the Real Estate Industry

We are excited to share that we’ve announced a formal partnership with Brokermint, a like-minded innovator that provides back-office software to the real estate industry. Our goal is simple: Give brokerages a fully integrated end-to-end operating system that can take the pain and expense out of managing point solutions.

It’s no secret that brokerages have long been hampered by a mishmash of individual systems used to manage front and back office operations. Efforts to integrate all these point solutions are often time consuming and expensive. And yet the competitive pressure is intense. Brokerages need the ability to easily automate critical functions and drive efficiencies if they really want to scale and grow. By coupling Chime and Brokermint through a deep technical integration, both small teams and multi-office brokerages alike will have the competitive advantage needed.

As our own Mike McGowan noted, The necessity to automate in order to scale has been apparent for some time, but Zillows recent announcement regarding iBuying transactions underscores just how imperative it is for brokerages to up their technology game plan. This integration with Brokermint will enables brokers to seamlessly automate their entire customer and transaction journey, empowering them to capitalize on the benefits of technology while still being central to the transaction.

To learn more about this partnership and the ins and outs of the integration register HERE for our webinar on November 18th at 10:00 a.m. PST.