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Chime Buyer Tour Feature Streamlines Process for Agents and Home Buyers Alike

Creating showing itineraries just got a whole lot easier with Chime Buyer Tour.  The new tool allows Chime users to seamlessly create a listing showing itinerary for potential home buyers. From setting the meeting time and location to calculating the estimated travel time between each stop, this new tool was designed to support busy agents and automate the legacy process to build and share showing itineraries. Seamlessly integrated into the Chime platform, agents can send the tour itinerary directly to buyers through the platform or via email, depending on preference.  A library of pre-generated email templates help agents quickly share pre-planned itineraries and once complete, the new feature easily allows buyers to provide feedback, helping agents refine the home search and get to a close faster.

Learn more about Chime Buyer Tour HERE

The Buyer Tour feature is yet another example of Chime’s continued commitment to rigorous product development, keeping agents needs top of mind and applying innovative technology to automate and streamline the time consuming process of the past.  With each new feature, Chime’s platform adds value and addresses the common challenges facing real estate professionals today.  From CRM to IDX to marketing automations, Chime delivers the tools needed for success today. 

Interested to learn more about Chime and how we can help you increase productivity and accelerate conversion?  Get in touch with our sales team today sales@chimeinc.com.