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Chime Featured in Inman

Chime was recently featured by Inman as the new kid on the block in the real estate CRM space. Here are a few excerpts from writer Craig C. Rowe on his experience with our platform:

Chime is a powerful marketing and sales solution for the modern, web-savvy real estate team.

Typically, this increases the number of leads generated by these ads.

Converted prospects once part of the system are then actively monitored by Chime.

System-wide, the software leaves few decisions to the user, alerting them to when it’s best to follow-up and how to reach out.

Chime watches prospects probe your website, recording properties viewed and for how long.

Each database record is then given a lead value score presented in a clean, “lead card” that summarizes a person’s value to your sales pipeline. Chime will happily tell you when a person isn’t worth the time.

Leads can be pulled in from Zillow accounts and agent websites. They can also be manually populated.

Chime does more than follow your leads around the web; it also builds agent websites, executes drip campaigns, and generates a plethora of concise reports on agent and team activity, sales closed, completed tasks and emails sent.

There is a good deal of automation going on in Chime, all to the benefit of the user.

The software leaves few decisions to the user.

Action plans, for example, are system-generated lists of next steps after each interaction with a prospect. They can be customized and saved, too.

There’s also a news-feed view of all prospect activity, consisting of things like last contact and properties viewed.

“Chime is without doubt one of the better marketing-integrated CRMs I’ve come across.”

Despite only being around since its launch at Inman Connect San Francisco, it’s already an eager competitor to Pipeline ROI and Top Producer.

It’s my opinion, it has a superior user experience to the other two every-day-log-in business management systems.

Chime has scaled quickly, so it’s not as time-proven as its brethren. Yet.

It’s my opinion it has a superior user experience.”

Lastly, Chime was built mobile-first, meaning it’s ready to roll from desktop monitor to meeting to showing and home again.

Mobile users will enjoy the prospect activity alerts, super-clean, tap-friendly interface, and the team and customer chat features.

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