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Chime Helps Realty ONE Group Agents Close More Deals Faster

You already know the Chime platform can drive conversions and profitability, but did you know that we can help brokerages do that at scale? Modern real estate brokerages are turning to us over and over again to provide their agents with access to our innovative CRM platform. Today, we announced the latest to do so — Realty ONE Group!

Dubbed the UNBrokerage, Realty ONE Group is a full-service lifestyle real estate brand and franchise model with more than 400 offices and 18,000 agents across 49 U.S. states and in 11 countries. By working with Chime, agents can automate marketing campaigns, boost their band awareness and capture and convert leads all from one intuitive platform.

That means they’ll also have access to our most cutting-edge features including:

AI Assistant – a powerful AI lead generation and conversion functionality based on Google’s machine learning algorithm that converts three times more leads;

— Smart Plans – a robust lead nurturing tool that combines email drip campaigns with tasks to ensure agents can communicate with leads on a continuous basis…without having to manually execute;

Social Studio – a social media marketing solution that enables agents to develop low-cost lead generation programs with organic social media posts directly from the Chime platform;

Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) – a popular feature in competitive markets where agents need to stand out with personalized and branded market analysis reports; this includes an Intelligent Pricing capability that maps home value to potential buyers in the area.

— Home Valuation Report – a premium tool designed to keep homeowners informed of the value of their homes and provide them with useful financing options.

Want to ensure your teams are armed with the most advanced capabilities to drive conversions and profitability for your brokerage? Contact us to learn how!