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Chime in the News: Inman highlights our new recruitment module

This week we launched our new Active Recruiting module which was designed to help brokerages streamline and automate the ever-critical recruitment process. You can read more about our enterprise platform and how it supports agent recruitment HERE.

Inman covered our news and noted, “Built into Chime’s Enterprise Platform, the recruiting module will help brokers and recruiting managers build a pipeline of candidates, nurture outreach tactics and close the recruitment lifecycle with an included onboarding process.”

The article went on to say, “While the advantages to digitizing recruiting are many, what stands out is the lack of need for a third-party human resources technology investment, software rarely made to accommodate the unique needs of residential real estate, which may include variable commission splits, custom benefits and agent-by-agent fees and allowances.”

To learn more about how our innovative platform – designed with brokerages in mind – can support your need to identify, attract, and retain agents, get in touch and book your free demo. Email us at today at sales@chime.me.