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Chime Partners with AI-Powered Roopler to Accelerate Lead Conversions 

As we continue to expand our strategic partner ecosystem, we are thrilled to announce a new engagement with  Roopler, an AI-powered lead generation system.  Developed with the strategic broker in mind, Rooper uniquely relies on innovative AI technology to deliver high quality, exclusive leads at a lower cost.  Unlike typical lead generation solutions, Roopler provides agents a powerful turnkey platform that not only acquires and nurtures new leads, but provides the functionality to resurrect old leads and recover their value.  Proven to deliver higher than average conversion rates, Roopler addresses the entire spectrum of leads, prioritizing both sellers and buyers.  
Leads are then seamlessly integrated into Chime for automated follow-up and long term engagement. Our award-winning platform – combining CRM, IDX, and marketing automations – helps agents overcome all the typical pain points in managing, nurturing and converting leads. From launching marketing campaigns to tracking leads’ activities, Chime streamlines daily operations from end-to-end, empowering agents to work smarter and not harder.
With a shared mission to meet the needs of the real estate industry through powerful technology, we are excited about our partnership with Roopler to offer agents the tools needed to effectively boost conversion rates and automate time consuming processes to help them stay focused on what they do best – servicing clients. 
Interested in working with Chime?  Get in touch with our team  sales@chimeinc.com