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Chime and PieSync Partner to Synchronize Your Contact Data

As our valued customers know, we are always looking to enhance and extend the value of our sales conversion platform to help time strapped agents and teams more efficiently do their jobs.  To support this endeavor, we continue to grow our partner ecosystem and are thrilled to announce a new partnership with PieSync, an innovative contact synchronization solution designed to sync contacts both ways, processing new and historical data in real-time.

Traditionally, agents and teams have been burdened by the responsibility of updating siloed client data across a number of applications including lead generation, lead conversation and nurture, CRM, transaction management platforms and more. This painstaking manual process is not only prone to errors and duplicates, it takes critical time away from revenue generating activities.  PieSync is connected to hundreds of applications including Google contacts, MailChimp and a variety of popular transaction management tools, and based on a two-way integration, updates client records instantly.  PieSync relies on “if this then that” rules empowering customers to choose which contacts to sync and how based on specific attributes, tags, labels, lists, etc.  Once the system is set up, it can run in the background and will consistently check connected applications for updates to ensure all client details are updated in real-time, eliminating redundancies and keeping all data in sync. PieSync also releases a new application weekly, making new combinations and workflows available regularly.   To learn how to configure your integration with PieSync, visit HERE.

  • Check out our recent webinar with Frans Leys, solutions engineer, PieSync to see the integration in action!

With this news, our customers can rest easy knowing the integrity of their data is intact and up to date. By automating this process, we are not only helping agents eliminate the time consuming, manual intense process of updating each client contact record across applications, but the valuable client and prospect data housed among other tools can now automatically feed into Chime CRM, further enriching our database for increased success!   Get in to touch learn more about how to integrate PieSync with Chime today!