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Chime Recognized for COVID-19 Response


When the coronavirus hit, it hit our industry hard. Layoffs and furloughs began almost immediately as financial markets fell fast and consumers took pause. At Chime, we recognized our role was to help agents and brokers figure out how to conduct business in these unprecedented times to not only stay afloat, but to build a stronger foundation for the future, and give them the tools to do so. Our focus has been on providing the two things we do best – technology innovation and education.

We are excited to share that for our efforts, Chime was recognized by the CEO World Awards. We’ve pushed our team to help clients in any way we can from offering discounted software to specialized product features, free insight from the brightest minds in the business to practical tips you can use today.

We’ll continue to do whatever we can to support the real estate industry as we all navigate the COVID-19 crisis and what comes after. If you are interested in learning more about how we are helping agents and brokers leverage technology to navigate this new normal, reach out to our team sales@chimeinc.com.