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Chime Technologies Opens a New Office in Salt Lake City!

In the past six months, we’ve been busy building and refining tools to empower and improve the workflow of real estate professionals. We love real estate as much as we love technology, and to help continue with our mission, we’re happy to announce our latest expansion with the opening of a new Utah office in Downtown Salt Lake City!

We’ve grown tremendously since we first launched back in August, and to meet our goal of becoming a major regional employer, we’re expanding our family by adding an additional 80 sales members to our team!

Although many technology companies prefer Lehi or Provo, Chime’s new Senior Director Ben Stokes says, “Salt Lake is the perfect place for Chime. It’s a great inside sales hub here. Great employees, a great place to live, and great place to work.”

“I’m excited to join Chime Technologies in Utah. This brings me back to our old startup mojo days where you feel the passion and get motivated,” says Ben.

“I think it was a really smart decision,” says Jake Mangum, Director of Inside Sales, “We’ve got an affordable cost of living, access to a great talent pool with a lot of experience in sales, and a culture that facilitates good sales people. The talent pool here is ambitious, hungry, but want a good work-life balance. The world’s greatest tech companies are already setting up shop here. We have companies like Google and Adobe with offices just down the road and bringing Chime to Salt Lake was an excellent move.”

Jake went on to say, “I’m very excited to be apart of a new company in a hot marketplace with a lot of momentum. We have a diverse group of developers, a great product that’s really needed, and you have a lot of executive leadership who have tried their hands in many different areas who are coming on with a wealth of expertise. I’m excited to work with the best salespeople in the industry who can make an impact.”