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Chime Triple Line Dialer

We are thrilled to announce today we launched a new Three Line Dialer tool to expedite calling efficiency and support increased agent productivity.  The new tool, fully integrated with our platform, allows ISAs, agents and brokerages to quickly dial up to three leads at once making it easier to identify sales ready buyers and sellers and eliminate the time consuming and mundane task of wading through long lead lists. Now, our customers are free to instead focus on revenue-generating activities.  Chime customer Brett Baker notes, “Time is an agents’ most valuable asset. Adding a Triple Line Dialer to Chime’s already powerful CRM helps me focus on money making activities like writing contracts and conducing house tours as opposed to tedious hours spent on the phone dialing one by one.”

Learn more about Triple Line Dialer HERE

With unlimited call minutes and the ability to make up to 2,000 calls per day, the Three Line Dialer tool features several helpful options including a questionnaire with common questions, call scripts, callback message options and automated text message features to ensure customized and thorough follow-up. Click here to learn more about how to get started with our new Triple Line Dialer tool today!