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Chime Wins Gold for COVID-19 Response by the Customer Sales and Service Awards

We are thrilled to share that Chime was awarded Gold in the Customer Sales and Service Awards for our COVID-19 efforts.  

When the pandemic hit last year the impact on the real estate industry was significant and far reaching. Our goal was to move quickly to support customers as the traditional way of doing business was radically disrupted. Our agile product team delivered the features and functionality needed to help agents continue to operate despite the challenges and we were fortunate to offer a variety of resources dedicated to helping keep the real estate industry afloat amid trying times. Being recognized for these efforts by the Customer Sales and Service award is truly an honor.

This experience and necessity to rely on technology has shaped our industry for the better. We are no longer using innovation to just survive, but to create growing, thriving businesses! To learn more about how our sales acceleration platform can help you generate and convert the right leads – those that are “sales ready” – contact us today to schedule a demo.