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Chime/Dubb Partnership: Building trust and increasing response rates through video

As agents and brokerages continue to face steep competition from both online and local competition, standing out from the crowd, showcasing expertise, and building trust among potential clients has never been more important. Video provides a powerful way for busy real estate professionals to authentically connect with their pool of leads and turn them into clients.

According to Wyzowl’s annual “State of Video Marketing” report, in 2021 84% of marketers said video has helped them generate leads and 74% noted it has delivered a direct increase in sales. That kind of proven success led to our latest partnership with video communication provider, Dubb. By combining Dubb’s feature rich and easy-to-use video solution into the Chime platform, our customers will be able to leverage video to increase response rates, differentiate themselves, and generate long-term, profitable relationships.

Users will have access to their library of videos or can record a brand-new video from within the Chime platform and can then seamlessly insert video content into an email, text, or any communication channel through Chime. In addition, video activity – including views and other metrics – is also tracked in real-time and synched directly into the activity feed of Chime’s contact record.

By partnering with Dubb, we can provide our customers with the powerful video capabilities they need to move beyond a transaction mentality and build profitable relationships that contribute directly to bottom line growth.

Check out our 2-minute demo to see how you can start using video today to drive lead engagement and conversion. Or click here for a tree 7-day trial.