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Chime’s AI Assistant Delivers Sales Ready Leads

Today we announced that 60% of our customers – including thousands of top performing real estate agents – are relying on Chime’s AI Assistant, an intuitive chatbot, to help attract more leads, nurture prospects, and convert clients. Want proof? With our AI Assistant agents have:

  •      Increased capture rates by more than 33%
  •      Doubled new lead response rate
  •      Increased effectiveness by 300% through the AI auto qualification and nurturing process
  •      Overall increase in appointments set for realtors by more than 140%

How are they doing it? Powered by Google’s machine learning and natural language processing technologies, the Chime AI Assistant delivers better accuracy in recognizing a leads’ intention and provides more helpful responses to boost agent productivity and increase conversion rates. If you are strapped for time but want to drive more conversions without adding another layer to your operations, take a closer look at our AI Assistant.

It’s different from other solutions because it is powered by feedback from thousands of agents and by millions of real conversations with buyers and sellers across the country. Plus, our team regularly reviews the chatbot’s performance to ensure the AI Assistant understands the nuances of the real estate business. Every month we introduce more than 30 new chat scenarios to help agents more efficiently and effectively close deals.

Check out our video for more information and book a demo to see how AI can power your business!