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Chime’s Award-Winning Ways Continue with Recognition from T360!

Our mission is to help our customers stay ahead of the curve and grow their business – no matter what the market conditions may be. Innovation is the key to making that a reality and that is why our team is thrilled to be again recognized for those efforts by those in the industry – this time by the folks at T360!

Based on T360’s consulting practice and thorough research, the annual Tech 200 highlights the residential real estate brokerage industry’s very best tech products designed to help brokers, teams, and agents better identify, evaluate and choose the technologies that will help to grow and streamline their real estate business. For 2023, Chime was recognized as a leader in two categories – lead generation and predictive marketing.

Chime’s innovative platform was awarded for its powerful lead generation capabilities including lead routing, lead conversion, lead tracking and lead management features. In addition, the recently released Geographic Farm feature, as part of our predictive marketing functionality, was named a top product as well.

Predictive marketing tools are gaining popularity as teams and brokerages look to leverage data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) to determine which prospects are likely to buy or sell, and which marketing actions have the highest probability of succeeding. With Chime’s Geo-farming feature, real estate professionals can clearly identify areas of opportunity, potential sales volume, and GCI; focus marketing dollars on the highest potential neighborhoods; track engagement and leads; and even compare their progress versus competitors as market share is gained. 

To learn more about our award-winning platform and what it can do for your business, get in touch [sales@chimeinc.com]!