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Creating & Distributing Phenomenal Content — Part 4: Follow the Leader

It’s true: you really don’t need to be a professional communicator to create great content…but it’s always helpful to turn to those in the business who have paved the way and are breaking new ground. Some of the top leaders in content creation are finding new ways to utilize old media, and transforming their message through new media. They’re also constantly thinking of new content topics that are relevant to the current real estate market.

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Check out these tips from those in the know:

MARC DAVISON — 1000watt

For me, compelling content regards information that I, as the reader, will benefit from reading and knowing. Something new that opens up my mind to what I did not know, something that confirms my beliefs with new detail, or something that answers a question, concern or nagging problem. Finally, compelling content is that which offers valuable details or takeaways that enable the reader to execute on the information provided.


TRAVIS ROBERTSON — Robertson Coaching International

To me, compelling content is: valuable or interesting information, a dynamic or relatable messenger, and a unique perspective.


If you only have one of those elements, your content will get lost. With two of the three, you can have great stuff. It must be relevant or interesting to the homeowner/buyer. The person providing the info should be someone they can connect or relate with. And the person should have a unique perspective on the information. There’s nothing new under the sun, but how we explain what’s under the sun is unique to us.

KELLY LECLAIR — HOM Sotheby’s International Realty (San Clemente, CA)

Great content is information clients can’t get elsewhere that’s delivered in an easy-to-understand style. Realtors have access to information, insider tips, gorgeous homes – all things that a potential customer would love to know and see. I believe compelling content educates consumers. It’s not all about me – it’s about them and what they need to know.


For example, I wanted to do a video showcasing our social media channels and interaction. I started off detailing how great our social media is. Well, that doesn’t work! No one wants to hear an ad or how great the agent is. So I rewrote the script to be “3 ways social media helps sell your house.” Now I’m giving context to the same content that, instead of sounding like a commercial, offers value to the consumer about real ways that social media helps sell homes.

These tips and insights can help you get more value from the words, images, and videos that help you connect with and serve your prospects and clients. And for even more content insights from more experts, check out this BombBomb article and video.

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