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Creating SEO-Friendly Content for Real Estate

Once you’ve got the capability on your site for blogging, the key is to regularly post content that people want to read and see. Luckily, most real estate agents are neighborhood experts and creating local content is one of the best ways to reinforce your knowledge and credibility while also cornering the market on your chosen keywords.

If you’ve suddenly got a case of writer’s block, here are some ideas that should help spark some relevant blog post topics. The goal is to be original and create content that people want to read.

Local Content

write local content

Do you get a large number of clients moving to the neighborhood from outside the area? Why don’t you write a post about some of the best taco joints in the area? The same concept can be extended to virtually everything in your community from the best parks for dogs, to the most kid-friendly restaurants. Be sure to pay attention to the time of year to capture those searching for holiday-related content as well. Posts like “The 10 Best Places to Watch Fireworks in Marina Del Rey”, or “The 7 Best Easter Egg Hunts for Kids in Nashville” or “The Top 3 Christmas Tree Farms in Petaluma” will get views from outsiders and locals alike.

Market Trends

Creating brand new content on an ongoing basis can seem daunting at first, but it’s important to realize that you don’t always have to start from scratch. Are you currently putting out a monthly market report for your clients or a monthly newsletter? Why not take some of the highlights and turn it into a blog post, or better yet an infographic (it’s easy to create free infographics on sites like piktochart) that will draw readers.

Eye Candy

writing about beautiful houses is great

As an agent, one of the best resources you have is access to beautiful homes and photography of beautiful homes. Next time you get an especially great looking listing or a listing with unique characteristics and amenities, why not turn it into a blog post? Be sure to take advantage of alt-text to properly tag the images and include descriptive captions to help the search engines.

If you are using any VR or video footage, it can also be fun to include these elements into a post. In fact, you could even run a weekly “eye candy” post showing off some of your favorite images around town or of your listings.

Problem Solving and Resources

In addition to knowledge of your neighborhood, you’ve likely got a breadth of knowledge to share with clients and potential clients on everything from the topics like how much you need to save for a downpayment, to the steps to take when moving into a new home (hiring movers, changing your address, etc.) why not put that knowledge to paper and create a series of posts on everything from saving for your first home to a checklist when moving into a new home?

The ideas for content are really endless, but above all, be sure to keep your content original, meaningful and hone in on those important keywords. Don’t forget to help get your posts even greater reach by sharing on your social media channels and within your email marketing. After not too long you’ll be seeing more organic traffic, higher rankings in Google and hopefully, new clients!