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NAR Survey Says! Social Media Delivers High Quality Leads…


According to the most recent NAR Technology Survey, 54% of respondents noted that social media delivered the highest number of *quality leads* over the last 12 months – the top response among agents surveyed.  Yet, 68% reported the main reason for social media use in their business was simply to promote listings, significantly limiting the possibility for engagement among this captive audience and curbing the potential for business growth.  So how can you extend the value of your social presence and augment essential listing posts?  Here are three key tips to help you enhance your social presence with consistent, relevant content. 

  1. 1. Make it Personal –  Buying and selling a home is one of the most important financial decisions consumers make in their lifetime. Most people have questions and concerns and want their agent to be a trusted partner in this journey.  Create a brand that actively offers relevant and thoughtful tips/tricks to help in the overwhelming buying/selling process.  Incorporate video to enhance and personalize your page, helping your audience get to know you as a person to build trust and familiarity.  Offer insights on local events, restaurants, neighborhoods, schools, and more to encourages folks to follow, knowing they will get the inside scoop on all things local as they consider making it their new home.  Creating relatable and personalized posts that showcase your expertise as well as your personality, help potential buyers/sellers get to know the real you – beyond your listing posts.   
  3. 2. Establish yourself as an expert -  Offer insights on relevant real estate trends to assert your leadership position in the market and keen industry insight.  Ask past clients to offer testimony based on their experience to instill confidence in your skillset and encourage others to trust you as an agent. As others see your value, they will share your posts and refer friends to you. By consistently showcasing your expertise, you build trust driving prospects to your site when ready to act.
  5. 3. Data Drives Strategy – Leverage built-in analytics to help guide a strategic social media plan.  Review to understand not only how many people view your posts but which posts do the best, which content resonates with followers, what time of day performs best and more.  With a clear understanding of which posts work effectively and when, you can better plan for and schedule meaningful posts regularly to maintain a healthy cadence of relevant content.

No matter what, consistency is key. While this requires dedication, there are valuable tools available to support you in this journey like our Social Studio.  Designed to eliminate friction when it comes to building and maintaining a social presence, Social Studio automates the creation and execution of organic social media posts directly from the platform, helping agents capitalize on a low cost opportunity to build awareness and fill their pipeline.  Armed with innovative tech tools to streamline this time consuming yet essential process, agents not only maximize the opportunity for engagement on social but are freed to focus on the essential human elements necessary to deliver superior customer service and close more deals. 

Thoughtfully and strategically considering the content you share on social beyond listings is an effective way to attract and engage new prospects. By consistently offering practical advice and proven experience, you build confidence in your expertise while extending the value of your social media presence to effectively grow your business.