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Exit Realty Relies on Chime to Support Agents as Business Requirements Shift

President of Exit Realty and enthusiastic Chime customer Nick Leavy is a veteran real estate professional with two decades of industry experience.  As President, Nick spearheaded an IT modernization effort across his brokerages.  He turned to Chime to streamline operations and arm his team of agents with a powerful platform designed to improve productivity and ensure superior customer service.  In particular, as the real estate industry has experienced tremendous change and disruption over the last few years and months amid the pandemic, the Chime product development team has proactively responded with thoughtful product updates and extended functionality, designed to support agents as business requirements shift. Nick notes the Chime team is amenable to client suggestions, taking into consideration how they can continue to innovate the platform through new features, improved functionality or strategic industry partnerships to most effectively support today’s agents. “It’s clear Chime deeply understands the real estate industry, considers challenges and agent frustrations and seeks to address critical pain points through continued product development and innovation to best serve my needs and those of my team,” notes Leavy.

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