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Four Key Technologies Every Real Estate Team Needs — Insights from the Sibbach Team

Our latest webinar with our friends at Lab Coat Agents featured the dynamic duo of Jeff Sibbach and Phil Sexton of the Sibbach Team, ranked the #1 top real estate agents in Phoenix and Scottsdale, AZ. Jeff and Phil were joined by our own Randy Carroll to talk through the four key technologies every real estate team needs to run and grow a business and why AI-driven tech is here to stay.

From your website to CRM, apps for organization to why text is the communication tool, data is the underpinning to it all. You can learn more in the blog post or check out the full webinar, “The Technology Every Real Estate Team Needs To Run A Business” for additional tips.

As new data sets continue to emerge, look for systems like Chime that understand data and invest in innovations to make it more powerful — such as Artificial intelligence driven capabilities — to help feed your business. To learn more about how we do it, book a demo today.