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Inman Reviews Chime; See Why our Solutions “Rise to the Top!”

Delivering the innovations and easy-to-use technology tools customers need to grow their real estate businesses is our primary mission. Over the past few months, we’ve released quite a few major updates in addition to our regular cadence of improvements. All of it is driven by customer feedback and a desire to do whatever we can to help our clients navigate an increasingly dynamic marketplace.

Given all these advancements, Inman recently spent some time reviewing our new capabilities and how we help agents, teams, and brokerages accelerate growth. You can check out the updated review, “Chime’s CRM, marketing functionality and enterprise solution rise to the top: Tech Review” to learn more. Or read more about Inman’s coverage on each of our new offerings such as our long awaited Enterprise Platform, our Active Recruiting module, and our newest release, Social Studio.  

Ready to talk about how Chime can help your business? Get in touch with our sales team at sales@chimeinc.com.