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Introducing Chime 2.0 – Real Estate, Meet Disruption. Again.

Last year, we innovated. This year, we’re bringing disruption to the real estate category. So far, 2017 has already shaped up to be an incredible year at Chime, filled with industry-changing technology and partnerships. But we’re not done yet! The second half of the year promises to bring even more innovations to the industry. And today, we are excited to announce our biggest innovation to date. Meet Chime 2.0.

You already know Chime as a fully integrated CRM, lead generator, IDX website, communication, collaboration, and reporting platform all accessible in the palm of your hand. Now, you can transform your business even more with the industry’s first real estate operating system, with more features that help save you time and make you money!

We’re all about disrupting – it’s in our DNA! That’s why we’re introducing Belle, the first AI powered real estate assistant that organizes your everyday. From smart call lists to smart call scripts, Belle brings her artificial intelligence to your daily schedule, helping you follow up and form relationships that lead to sales. Need help deciding who to call first? Belle’s dynamic call list is generated every day based on lead status and the tasks you still need to conquer. She’ll even suggest scripts based on the lead’s tags, status, and pipeline, making it easier to stay on track and close more deals. But what about those quick follow-up times you’re striving for? With Belle’s fast call records, you can easily make notes and tasks and even send follow up texts & emails during the call. All of this and more makes Belle the smartest dialer that can help revolutionize your business, save you time, and increase sales.

Warming up leads and moving them through the pipeline towards a sale relies heavily on smart engagement. In Chime 2.0, we will automatically engage your leads based on predefined rules you set up. Now you can generate smart listing alerts and smart seller alerts that are automatically delivered through email and text so that your lead is sure to be notified as soon as possible. Also, Chime lead behavior analysis gives you insights into how your lead is searching on your IDX website, providing invaluable information that you can use to turn hellos into escrows.

So don’t just manage your leads – turn those interactions into opportunities! Using smart automation and Chime’s insight engine, you have the tools you need to better understand your clients’ behavior and the relationships you are curating.

We all know nurturing leads requires action – but you can’t stay glued to your computer all day if you want to make sales. Chime saves you time by automating actions and tasks so you can stay on top of the most important things to better serve your customers. By merging drip campaigns with smart actions, we’ve made it even easier for you to manage your tasks, whether working with a team or on your own. Not sure where to start? Our smart action library features suggested action plans from our top coaches, all based on your lead’s pipeline and tags!

Now that you have lead generation and nurturing down, how do you get the word out that you have a property to sell? An open house, of course! But we’re not talking about the open houses you’ve come to know and love. We’re changing the game once more – with the first indoor live-streaming drone. Bring your open house to the next level with the Chime Moment. Its fully-protected blades and computer vision make it the perfect companion for your well-manicured listing, flying safely from room to room under your control. Plus, it’s able to recognize your face and follow you around the house to ensure the perfect tour, while our app decreases the blade sounds and optimizes the video for showcasing on your IDX site or streaming to Facebook Live. How’s that for a game changer?

But don’t just take it from us – see all of these new features for yourself! Schedule a demo of Chime 2.0 today.