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Is Your CRM Making You Money?

It’s a fair question. Afterall, the days of CRM systems merely acting as a data warehouse are long gone. In today’s hyper competitive real estate market, agents need to squeeze more value out of their systems and a static database won’t cut it. 


ChimeCRM was built to proactively make suggestions on who, when, and how an agent should follow-up based on lead activity and prompt engagement. And, with built-in advanced technologies like AI and machine learning, we can effectively move leads through the pipeline – all without an agent having to break a sweat.


During our latest webinar with Lab Coat Agents, we discussed how to ensure your CRM is making you money by leveraging AI-driven capabilities and marketing automations. Read on to learn more or click here to watch the full replay.


Get Yourself an AI-Driven CRM

While many CRM providers boast AI capabilities, most simply enable rudimentary automations, and lack the keen insight true machine learning can provide.  Powered by Google’s machine learning and natural language processing technologies, Chime’s AI Assistant delivers better accuracy in recognizing leads’ intention and provides more helpful responses to increase conversion rates. Agents simply review a list of suggestions on which leads to follow-up on and the best course of action for each.  By automating this process, agents stay focused on the right leads helping to boost productivity and the bottom line.


Don’t Skimp on Automation

Marketing automations, such as drip campaigns, are key to CRM optimization. That’s why Chime offers an extensive library of pre-developed Smart Plans designed for text, email, postcards, and more – making it easy for agents to quickly choose and schedule relevant outreach based on lead activity and behaviors.  With a broad range of application conditions to choose from, Chime empowers agents to customize content and effectively convert leads. In automating this process, agents can feel confident in the lead nurture process and focus instead on revenue generating activities.


Can your CRM do this for you? If you don’t know the answer, it’s time to re-evaluate your tech stack and discover all the possibilities an innovative CRM system like Chime can deliver. Get in touch and book a free demo