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Jeremy Renner’s House Flipping Business

When Jeremy Renner isn’t behind the camera (or taking his daughter to the Academy Awards), he’s out shaking up the real estate market with his second passion next to acting: House flipping.

Known for his performances in The Hurt Locker (2009), The Town (2010), and for his portrayal as Hawkeye in Marvel’s movie adaptations, Jeremy Renner began his house flipping passion with fellow actor and business partner Kristoffer Winters back in 2002. Their first official flip was a mid-century modern, 3BD home on Nichols Canyon Road near Hollywood Blvd. The duo bought the home for $659,000 and listed it in 2005 for $900,000.

For reference, the 90046 market is currently at a cool $1.25M average according to Zillow!

According to an interview with Bloomberg, Jeremy Renner has flipped 20 homes in the past 15 years! His last five flips have earned him and his business partner nearly $6,250,000!

But Jeremy Renner isn’t the only one in the spotlight with his hands in the house flipping scene. Popularized in recent years thanks to low-quality, high-volume housing supply from the 2008 mortgage crisis, the fixer upper trend has been gaining steady traction and even glamorized in shows like HGTV’s Fixer Upper and Flip Or Flop.

According to Realytrac.com, the markets with the greatest ROI on house flipping include Cleveland (155.3%), Pittsburgh (146.9%), Reading, Pennsylvania (116.0%), Philadelphia (114.8%), and Clarksville, Tennessee (107.4%).

Wondering how long it takes to flip a house from start to list? According to Realtytrac.com in the same report, it took an average of 180 days in 2016 complete!

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