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Knock, Knock! Who’s There?

This isn’t a joke. Knocking doors is a crucial part of your geographic farming plan. But where do you start?

The first questions you might ask yourself: Should I even bother to door knock? Is that a viable marketing method in today’s world? The answer to both questions is YES, ABSOLUTELY!

Naturally, you can only knock in a farm that allows it…some areas may present obstacles, such as gated communities, high-rise apartments, and certain private communities with restrictions. But whether an area has any door-knocking restrictions is an issue you would have already addressed back when you were first researching and selecting your farm.

Door-knocking is the ultimate way to build rapport with the people in your farm and quickly gain a good reputation. And really, it’s not as hard as it sounds. Knocking on doors and talking to neighbors is a cinch if you’re prepared. Have a script you’ve practiced, if you feel you need one.

One of the most important things about door-knocking is to have a theme you’ve chosen for the month. Since you’ll be there often, you don’t want to ask them every month if they’re selling — that would be a strange way to interact with people you’re getting to know. But it’s important that each time you go out, you’re asking for some type of business.

Here are some door-knocking themes you can choose from. (Of course, you can always come up with your own!)

• Have they ever thought about buying an investment property in the area?
• If they ever thought about moving, where would they like to go?
• Give them a market/area update.
• Tell them about buyers you have, and ask if they have spoken to any neighbors who may have mentioned an interest in selling.
• Who do they know who might need your help inside or outside the area?
• Share any news and important information they need to know.

Once you choose a theme for the month, you can create your marketing pieces and scripts to match — resulting in a cohesive plan.

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