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The Lead Gen Channel You’re Overlooking – YouTube

YouTube, the second most visited website in the world, is often overlooked as an effective marketing channel among agents mostly due to fear. Many consider video production outside of their skillset and as a result, skip it all together leaving the door wide open for competitors to capitalize on this apprehension. In our latest webinar with Lab Coat Agents, Tristan shares his tips and tricks for YouTube can support effective lead generation and how a powerful CRM/IDX platform like Chime can quickly convert those leads to grow your business.

Listen to the full webinar HERE.

The secret to success when it comes to creating meaningful and relevant video content is effective storytelling. Buyers and sellers across the entire real estate journey want to hear success stories from others like them, better understand new trends or technologies available to support them in the process and/or learn something new and helpful. With this in mind, Tristan offers three key tips on how to consistently and effectively create video to fuel your pipeline with relevant and engaged leads.
1. Find your niche. There are many voices on YouTube. The most successful channels are the ones that distinctly speak to a targeted audience by delivering razor focused, relevant content. For example, to target first time home buyers, your content should address the biggest challenges and questions this audience has about the real estate journey. Offer details about the intricacies of making an offer, home inspection, and closing costs. The more clearly you speak to your audience, the more likely it is they will keep coming back for more – fueling your pipeline with high intent leads. Position yourself as an expert with the resources and answers your audience needs to feel successful. This is best delivered through many voices – invite past clients to share their home buying/selling story, interview industry experts on relevant topics and reference market data or industry surveys to help viewers feel empowered with the insight needed to make strategic real estate decisions.
2. Plan Ahead. Before every video, Tristan outlines the conversation, focused on three key points. Use the outline as a guide to ensure you provide meaningful dialogue, interesting and on message content and/or provide practical, actionable advice. Your will capture more relevant leads if viewers consider your videos a productive use of time and continue to engage. Use a resource like Canva to incorporate graphics to give your videos a polished and consistent look and feel and on your channel, make it easy to understand up front what you offer and who you are targeting . It doesn’t take a lot of heavy lifting to make video work for you– good preparation, simple graphics to package your content and clear messaging will help ensure your YouTube presence delivers the leads your business needs to compete.
3. Maximize Across Channels. Once a video is produced, the fun doesn’t stop there. Share a shorter version of your video to appeal to YouTube “shorts” – a short form video experience to capitalize on the way in which consumers want to (quickly!) consume information. Share a link and details in a newsletter, blog or other social media channels to expand the opportunity for awareness. Leverage a CRM like Chime to distribute new videos to your database via email or text to showcase the breadth and depth of your content and expertise to encourage engagement. And if your website is powered by intelligent IDX like Chime, it will capture lead activity tied to videos featured on your website to drive more targeted outreach and help boost conversion.

Let’s be honest – the world is noisy, making it harder and harder to stand out from the crowd. Leveraging a medium like video to do so is no long a ‘nice to have’ – it’s become essential to success in the digital world. Be clear about your audience, tell a good story and leverage effective technology to help convert leads quickly and you will soon find your investment in video far outweighs any fears you had about hitting record. For more information on our buyer and seller lead gen offerings, visit https://chime.me/feature/lead-generation.