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Lofty Showcases The Power of AI

Since 2019 – nearly five years ago - our hard-working product team has consistently improved our AI powered capabilities to best serve the needs of real estate professionals. Unlike simple AI solutions with limited capabilities, our chatbot AI Assistant is consistently improving from both machine learning algorithms and a professional training team, dedicated to reviewing thousands of real conversations and coaching the AI. Boasting more than 93% conversational accuracy, the chatbot’s ability to deliver high quality interactions is the result of Lofty’s proven approach to consistently humanizing the AI and years of strategic product development. Innately powered by machine learning and natural language processing technologies, AI Assistant supports showings, listing ads, smart plans, and cold-lead nurturing to automate time consuming processes and help agents get to a close faster.


As part of our commitment to innovative tech development, we also recently unveiled the AI Marketing Assistant, designed to help agents quickly and easily create compelling marketing content - from open house events to email newsletters. By streamlining this critical but often tedious process, real estate professionals are empowered to spend more time building relationships and closing deal and less time creating marketing materials.