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Lofty Unveils AI Powered Virtual Assistant at Inman Connect New York

Lofty Unveils AI Powered Virtual Assistant at Inman Connect New York

Exciting news from the big apple this week as we unveil Lofty Assistant - a new virtual assistant that operates as the platform’s central intelligence, managing all automations and AI features. From qualifying leads to creating marketing content, the new assistant was designed to better support an “on the go” workday, typical of most agents, and provides a single point of control for all of Lofty’s robust AI capabilities.  The new virtual assistant eliminates the need for agents to cater to the technology and instead was designed to enhance existing agent workflows. Now, Lofty Assistant not only answers online chats and qualifies leads but can create content for multiple channels – from email and text to social posts and blogs.

Unveiled today the annual Inman Connect New York, Lofty Assistant also features new voice capabilities designed to help busy agents spend more time focused on building strong client relationships and closing deals.  If you are attending Inman Connect this week, visit us at Booth #113 or attend one of our Learning Labs:

Setting the Stage: Where We Are with AI – Panel featuring Lofty CEO, Joe Chen

According to Lofty customer Adam Frank, “The CRM Coach™”, eXp Realty, “As a busy agent, I appreciate technology that meets me where I am, which is typically on the go. If it is too hard to incorporate into my day-to-day life, I know I won’t use it. As a long time Lofty customer, I appreciate the company’s continued focus on delivering new capabilities that fit my life and not the other way around. I look forward to learning more about how Lofty Assistant can help me be more productive and grow my business this year.” 

New Voice Capabilities Boost Productivity & Increase Efficiencies

With simple voice commands, Lofty Assistant can be directed to call, text or update a lead allowing an agent to conduct essential yet time consuming tasks on the go.  An agent can also ask the assistant to call the Lofty knowledge base to learn more about how to execute new or unfamiliar tasks. In addition, Lofty Assistant can easily field inbound calls, answer typical questions, and create a new lead based on feedback. If deemed a high quality, sales ready lead, Lofty Assistant can transfer to an agent to engage further. And because the virtual assistant works 24/7, agents can rest easy knowing they will never miss a call or opportunity to qualify a lead, even after hours.

Today’s announcement underscores Lofty’s razor focus on meeting time strapped agents where they are and delivering innovative, yet practical tools designed to boost productivity and increase efficiency. Continued enhancements to the AI are planned to refine the virtual assistant and enable new learnings for the benefit of the more than 50k agents that rely on Lofty today.  

To learn more about how Lofty Assistant can help improve agent productivity and help you grown your business, get in touch with us HERE.