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How to Make Past Clients Your #1 Revenue Source

It is widely known that only 12% of home buyers/sellers rely on the same realtor even though nearly 70% report a good experience. This discrepancy represents a huge, missed opportunity for realtors and teams to engage past clients and drive repeat business.

In our latest webinar with Labcoat Agents, “How To Make Past Clients Your #1 Revenue Source”, we explore the often overlooked role of past clients as a viable and lucrative source of revenue. During the session, Tristan Ahumada shares specifics on how his team relies on Chime to automate the outreach process, ensure consistency and connection with past clients, reinforce his brand and stay top of mind. He also offers four quick tips for how to leverage both technology and a personal touch to successfully connect with past clients.

1. Don’t be afraid of automation! 70% of the US population is on Facebook…take advantage and retarget.

2. Get personal in between automated outreach. Take the time to handwrite a letter, making you stand out from the crowd (and that pile of mostly junk mail!).  Consider events – big, small, virtual, and everything in between.

3. Make time to meet one on one and gather feedback to better inform your outreach approach moving forward.

4. Keep asking questions. Listen more and talk less. Be authentic and truly connect in your outreach, don’t just sell. It will make all the difference.

Click HERE to watch Tristan demonstrate how to develop and implement a successful drip campaign in Chime to engage past clients for long-term success.