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Meet our Newest AI Innovation– Chime’s AI Marketing Assistant!

AI might be the latest industry buzzword, but our team has been delivering practical AI-driven applications for nearly five years! And today we are excited to bring you yet another – the Chime AI Marketing Assistant.

Designed to help real estate agents and teams quickly and easily create compelling marketing content, the AI Marketing Assistant generates a wide range of content marketing assets from open house events to email newsletters, without requiring time from agents to identify, develop, and execute ideas. By streamlining this critical (but often tedious!) process, real estate professionals can spend more time building relationships and closing deals …and less time creating marketing materials.

Our AI Marketing Assistant can help generate compelling content with minimal effort. Through a series of AI-generated prompts, the Marketing Assistant quickly guides you through the process of creating multiple content and lead nurturing assets. From open house events to blog copy, email newsletters to social media posts, the new solution effortlessly creates copy and automatically manages the execution. By coupling this advancement with our additional lead nurturing capabilities, such as Smart Plans, customers can minimize the time spent on creating marketing assets and reap the benefits of AI-powered content creation.

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