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Myth Busting The 'All-In-One' Platform

Myth Busting The All In One Platform For Real Estate Agents

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, real estate businesses are constantly seeking efficiency and convenience in their operations. This pursuit has led to an interest in "all-in-one platforms" promising to be the one-stop solution for every need. The catch is that just because a platform is labeled “all in one” doesn’t mean it includes all of the key functionality needed to handle every intricate piece of the real estate lifecycle. Perhaps we need to redefine what it “all in one” truly means.

Arguably, the real estate journey begins when a consumer starts an online search. Maybe they are just browsing or maybe they are searching with intent, but regardless, that inflection point kick starts the entire process. And as any real estate professional can tell you, that process can be very nuanced as they move further into the sales cycle. You need tools and solutions than capitalize on the opportunities for lead capture, lead nurture, and lead conversion/sale. Can your current “all-in-one” platform handle all of those critical elements?

The devil is in the details as you need lead capture from an IDX website (no need to even touch the MLS!), lead nurture with a flexible CRM system that can deliver strong content-driven marketing campaigns and social media efforts, the ability to track lead behavior and conduct lead scoring to determine which prospects are truly ready to buy, and to better understand lead conversion with reports designed to delve into the details of how the process in its entirety is successful (or not).  That’s a lot of moving parts!

Unlike other platforms, Lofty handles everything from search to settlement. Our AI-powered platform is custom built to help real estate agents, teams, and brokerages to close more deals faster. It truly is a single, flexible hub for your business that automates marketing programs, streamlines your sales process, captures and converts more leads into transactions. We combine an IDX website, CRM, lead generation, marketing automation, AI, social media, transaction management and more in one cohesive platform.

For example, when tracking a lead can your current platform or set of tools help you use AI to understand lead behavior from all the critical touch points? Will it consolidate lead behavior through your web site, number of social media visits, email opens, and text engagement? Can it suggest additional social campaigns or customized outreach? Will it propel you further down the path to a sale? If not, it might be time to reconsider what “platform” really means to your business as this insight, seamlessly linked together, provides a greater chance of closing a deal!

Lofty delivers all the things that a true “all-in-one” platform should – boost your productivity and increased lead generation; less time spent on marketing, but with better return; and a more efficient sales process that, in the end, lets you spend less of you hard earned dollars on a myriad of tech tools. Who has time to manage those anyway?

To learn more about what it means to be a true “all-in-one” platform and how it can help your business grow visit us at lofty.com