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New Webinar: Honing Your Skills from Home; Insights from a Real Estate Veteran

While the global pandemic has significantly impacted the way we work and live, one real estate veteran urges agents not to relent in honing their skills, even from home. In fact, according to Nick Waldner, Lead of Waldner Winters Team of KW Realty Centre, there has never been more time to train, share ideas and learn from colleagues to become the best possible agent you can be – because while you take your foot off the gas, another agent is full speed ahead, servicing the clients that could have been yours.

In our latest webinar, Nick shares his practical advice with our own Randy Carroll on how to effectively grow and nurture your sphere of influence to build a pipeline of business, despite the restrictions imparted by the pandemic.  Nick discusses this and a number of challenges agents – new and experienced – face and how to effectively overcome them.  Take a listen HERE and learn more about how you can institute these practical ideas for the betterment of your business.

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